Bahrain chapter news

2020 Bahrain Chapter Board election 26 FEB 2020

ISOC Bahrain Chapter have announced new board members at 26th FEB 2020 , whoa re going to handle the chapter responsibility for 2 continues years

ISOC Bahrain Chapter Board Meeting with Microsoft Country General Manager in Bahrain and Oman Sh. Saif al Hosni- FEB 2019

ISOC Board attend a BTECH meeting with MS General manager SH. Hosni to discuss cooperation possibilities and creating new opportunities, which can serve our mission in the region

Signing Ceremony Between BTECH and Huawei- March 2019

ISOC Bahrain chapter Board Secretary Mr. Rashed Al Snan have attended the BTECH and Huawei Technologies CO. agreement to become the be 5G strategic partner for the Information and Communication Technology Conference “MEET ICT” and the Bahrain International Technology Exhibition “BITEX”. Mr. Rashed was keen to interduces ISOC Bahrain chapter vision and mission to Mr. Lu Yuedong, CEO of Huawei Technologies intaking the the opportunities of supporting that in the region

Meet ICT and BITEX 9th Edition - March 2019

ISOC Bahrain chapter Participated in MEET ICT and BITEX 2019 ,MEET ICT and BITEX is designed to help embrace technology to drive performance and productivity. Exposure to global markets will give its delegates and exhibitors a holistic perspective and an opportunity to compare their landscapes, strategies, economies and industries with leading organizations, as it happens.

ISOC Bahrain Chapter's Chairman with EWA Minister-April 2019

ISOC Chairman Mr. Ahmed Al Hujairy meets the Minister of Electricity Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza, during the meeting the minister was briefed on the preparations for the SmartSec and Blockchain Conference, which will be held under his patronage from 3 to 5 September at the Gulf Hotel.

BTECH Ramadan Ghabga- May 2109

ISOC Bahrain chapter Participated in Member meeting during Ramadan Ghabga, Mr. Ahmed Al Hujairy welcomed all the members and encouraged every one to continuously support the society's efforts in accomplishing it’ers mission the region and improve the internet future in Bahrain

ISOC Bahrain Chapter in ICT Business Opportunities Meeting - July 2019

ISOC Bahrain chapter Chairman Mr. Ahmed Al Hujairy presented during ICT Business Opportunities meeting and he delivered a speech intaking the importance of networking among members , exchanging experiences and in takes the latest business verticals, partner with like-minds and seize the opportunity to grow business.

ISOC Bahrain chapter in SMARTSEC Cyber Security Conference -Sep 2019

ISOC Bahrain chapter participates in SMARTSEC Cyber Security conference , which was organized by BTECH , it's a 2-day event that focuses on Cyber Security. The event aims to bring the best of the best international professionals in the field of Cyber Security. SmartSec provides attendees with a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trends, innovation, and solutions featured by the international Cyber Security community.